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And that, kids, is how I serenaded your mom with the songs she wrote.
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Ross Lynch meeting Laura & Vanessa Marano - KCA’s 2014

"Season one [Ally] was super shy, obviously had a lot of fears, kind of just your scared-of-the-world kind of girl, you know. She had really intense stage fright. And in season two you saw her just kind of like blossom into this really confident, secure lady that I thought was super, super cool. She got over her stage fright and she realized she wanted to pursue her dreams of being a singer, which she succeeded in the last episode of season two when she got a record deal. Season three just deals with her- obviously she’s an awesome confident girl now- and she is going and perusing her music career with a vengeance and she’s writing new music and she’s really serious about it. It’s awesome, awesome to see her from season one, this shy girl who’s totally afraid to show the world who she is, to season three, a girl who is completely ready to show the world what she’s made of.”


"You guys have your weird thing."

austin and ally + cupids & cuties

Austin & Ally prom

Cupids & Cuties (Auslly)


Favorite moments of Ellen hosting the 86th Annual Academy Awards

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